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Laptops have become a necessity in many business settings. With laptop we all spends more time than ever outside the office, as employees work at home or in the nearest Starbucks. We all carry our laptops while travelling on business trips and vacations, but fail to realize that thousands of laptops are being stolen each week. All our sensitive information like credit cards, bank account numbers can be easily taken from a stolen laptop. So protect our laptop is our duty, list below some ways to prevent your laptop from being stolen

protect your laptop1. Get a cable lock. Almost all laptops come equipped with a Universal Security Slot that allows you to attach the laptop to a heavy or unbreakable object. Cables cost less than $50 and can be found in any technology supply store. Use it in places like hotel rooms, conference rooms, airport waiting areas, and libraries.

2. If you have a lot of visitors, contractors, or housekeeping staff coming through your office, locking your laptop into a docking station is a good idea.

3. Lock the laptop in a filing cabinet or other secure, out-of-sight location when you leave the office.

4. When traveling with your laptop, don’t carry it in a computer case. This makes you an obvious target for laptop thieves. Get a padded sleeve and carry your laptop in a regular briefcase or a backpack instead.

5. Be especially cautious in airports. Don’t put your laptop down or let it out of your sight through security checkpoints.