Clean Computer CD Drives

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Whether you use a desktop, laptop or external component, CD drives all work relatively the same way. When a CD is inserted, a small lens reads the disk as it spins and send the information to another part of the computer. Apart from inserting and removing CDs, the drives work completely automatically. At times they may appear not to function, or may not be able to read or write CDs as reliably as they could before. Instead of costly replacements or repairs, there are a few ways to clean your CD drive to remove dust, dirt and other hindrances.

Things You’ll Need:
• Can of compressed air
• CD cleaning kit
• 6-inch or longer thin stick
• Thin, soft, lint-free cloth.

Step 1
Gently blow dust and dirt from the inside of the CD drive compartment using canned air. Attach the small straw-like device to the can to get better control of the air flow, then inject air into the CD drive in short bursts. Avoid using the can’s full air pressure, as this may damage the internal components.
Step 2
Clean the inside of the CD drive with a CD cleaning kit if you cannot directly reach inside. These kits generally come with a blank CD and a bottle of cleaning solution. Follow the directions that come with your specific cleaning kit. The method usually involves applying some of the solution to the disc, then inserting it into the CD drive. The disc will spin, and the solution will clean off the lens by itself.
Step 3
Clean the lens and interior using a small stick with a soft, lint-free fabric over it. Wet one end with a cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol to gently clean the lens and surrounding drive. This is much easier if you have easy access to the drive itself, such as many laptops’ designs. Do not apply much pressure to the stick, as you only need enough pressure to remove any dust and want to avoid shifting the lens. When you are finished


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