Fix Laptop Overheating Issues

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Laptop Fan

Laptop Fan which reduces the heat inside the laptop

The overheating of laptops is mainly due to its compact size and lack of ventilation.
A noisy cooling fan that runs continuously is one sign that your laptop is overheating.
The result of laptop overheating are performance loss, system crashes and damage to
motherboard or any other components. To avod this make sure laptop ventilation are not
covered and keep it in a cool place as possible.

Follow these to avoid laptop overheating:

1. Always place your laptop on a flat surface like desktop. If you use it on your lap make sure the ventilations are not blocked by your clothes. Blocked vents will increase the heat the laptop. Try not to place the laptop on sofas or bed. Laptops left on a surface that holds the heat in can be permanently damaged.

2. Clean the cooling fan exhaust system which is located on the side or back of the case. A clogged cooling fan vent keeps hot air trapped inside the case. 

3.A commercial laptop cooler will extend the life of your laptop.This is an external USB powered fan
that is placed below the laptop and serve as a base for the laptop.

4.Check your BIOS settings.In most laptops, fan speed, CPU temperature alarms etc can be adjusted through BIOS settings.Do this only after checking the users manual.

Laptop Fan with Dust Covered

Laptop Fan covered with dust, this increases the heat inside the laptop

Laptop Vents Covered with dust

Laptop Vents Covered with dust, this create more heat inside laptops.


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